When you decide to expand SkyScout for X-Plane 11, please consider adding an option that would allow a user to select a bezel to mimic the type of equipment of his/her choice. In my case, my real aircraft has the Garmin G3x. So many sim aircraft are equipped with Garmin G1000. However, the G3x is a very popular choice of real aircraft owners, because it is much less expensive, and provides almost all of the utility of G1000. For real pilots, the home simulator is a training device to keep skills sharp. We need equipment that mimics what we have in our real aircraft. X-Plane 11 has been a clear choice of real pilots, yet no sim designer has given us a G3x. Your product is an ideal solution because, no mater what aircraft we own and fly, we can use an Ipad to simulate our EFIS, no matter what sim aircraft we select in X-Plane. Bravo for your product concept!

I want to let you know that SkyScout v2 is in progress, with a proprietary bezel so far:

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Not only a new bezel but lot of improvements and new features coming soon.

Your idea is good, and I always wanted to have flexible products that mimics several choices and users can select.

Take in mind that I have to be very carefully with "mimics". SkyScout, as well as SkyElite, never were intended to be like the real systems or a trainer of a real systems. Similar, but not the same.

I can give you several reasons we don't do this, but I give you the most important one: copyrights!

I can do a web based real trainer for G1000 or G3x or... whatever. But then we need copyright permissions, certifications, and more requirements from real manufacturer. Then our tools will be never a $20 or $40 anymore... instead we need to sell them for $500 or more, just because the amount of work and mostly the expenses we have to pay in royalties. And this expensive market already exist for those willing to pay.

We focus in tools that fits and meets for the simulation enjoyment, not for real training, and we keep away of the real thing because the copyrights. It is the only way to deliver an enjoyable product for a low price.

I like your idea and I will take it in mind, but I wanted to let you know one of several reasons that makes us to take this with care.

Thank you for your reply.

The way around the copyright problem is to create a generic bezel that allows "drag & drop" from a full array of buttons to any place on the bezel (or in the main screen area, whichever the case may be). That way the user becomes the person doing the mimic, not your company.
The design and the buttons is not a big deal with copyrights unless you fully copy everything exactly. If buttons are similar, but not the same, bezel looks like, but not the same, and of course the name of the device is not a commercial name, then is fine. Again, imitating the look is one thing, an exact copy of the design and even the name is different.

The real issue is when, aside the bezel or the buttons, the functions, instruments and the screens elements and procedures are also a copy. This is why you will not find functions or instruments in SkyElite or SkyScout that look exactly of how commercial EFIS look like. My products are more focused in finding a solution for a simulation tool than a replica of a real thing.

Some customers complain about this.... why this is is not a G999? why it does not look like XYZ? Simple: because it is a $20 product.

There are a lot of G1000 trainers in the market, software only products are always $800 and up... that is for a reason.

Going back to your point: even if I develop a configurable drag&drop EFIS system... I still cannot copy instruments, functions, elements and procedures. It will never be similar to a real thing.

And now the most important thing.... I spend a humongous amount of time supporting users because they don't know how to type http address on a browser, not how to find the IP address of the main computer or how to make the browser full screen. Imagine providing a drag and drop empty solution to fully configure.

As an user passionate in flight simulation, instruments and cockpits I totally understand and love your point. When I have to think in the sales and support side of this... I simply don't see it without dying on the attempt.

Please, don't take me wrong, this is not a negative to your proposal, which is still very interesting.... it is just I have to think a lot about this, and if it's worth it or not, because there is a lot in the back stage.

More soon!
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