Windows Media Player is required to the SkyElite music option.

If Windows Media Player is not installed SkyElite will not work.

Please, check it and install it following Microsoft instructions:

SkyElite DEMO finishes after 10 minutes, it does not work again:

YES! after 10 minutes SkyElite automatically stops and finalizes current flight, stopping the engines and emptying the fuel of the plane.

By re-installing the software and starting a new flight SkyElite can be tested again for another 10 minutes.

This time limit and required re-installation could be annoying and irritating:

Probably it is, I understand, and I want to say sorry and apologize for that, but the DEMO version is just for evaluation purposes, it is not a FREE playable version.

I've learned that some users found a mechanism to quick re-start the software and continue de flight, and by doing this trick several times, they were able to use the software almost continuously without the need of purchasing it.

The only way to avoid this was by making the demo process a bit annoying, avoiding users to use the evaluation demo as an unlimited free version, illegally.

Again, sorry for the inconveniences, but until I find a better way to avoid the illegal use of the software, has to be like that for now.

NOTE: This mechanism is stated in the SkyElite Manual.pdf document at page 3, at the bottom of the page.

Thank you and hope you understand.