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Announcement New Posts SkyElite Update v1.3 In Progress... +116817
News about the next update for SkyElite v1.3

Announcement New Posts Thinks I need to support you!0154
Mandatory documents that users have to attach or send when support is requested.

Sticky New Posts Videos, reviews and tutorials.2317
Topic dedicated to post SkyElite related material found on the internet

Sticky New Posts Doesn't work? Most common issues...1350
I will keep posting in this topic the most common issues found when SkyElite does not work.

New Posts MSFS Shuts Down336
SkyElite causes MSFS to Shut Down

New Posts Using Sky Elite485
How do I actually get it to work?

New Posts SkyElite and Mobiflight1083
Using Mobiflight Rotary Encoder to control "Range" on SkyElite MAP

New Posts Is SkyElite in active development? Haven’t seen an update in a while.10201
I’ve been using SkyElite 1.3 for a while now and haven’t seen any updates.

New Posts Android chrome browser refresh rate13114
Refresh rate drop

New Posts Make Default CDI Setting "GPS"242
Make Default CDI Setting "GPS"
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New Posts Windows 11 problem with browser windows358
PDF and MDF windows invisible after Win 11 update

New Posts SkyElite Server Not Running8102
SkyElite stops working because required port is not free
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