Hi. I'm new to SkyElite, which I purchased this week, and I'm having some problems. The program is installed and is working in both a browser mode and remotely on an Ipad. However, over 1/2 of the time that I use it MSFS shuts down during the flight. Sometimes it happens while taxiing to take off and other times it occurs 1.5 hours into a 2.0 hour flight. It's very frustrating because I lose all of the time that I invested and have to start the flight over. MSFS was very stable before installing SkyElite and it's still very stable if I do not use SkyElite. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks.

Its the first time that this problem is reported and I did not read similar issues from SkyElite users.

I use SkyElite myself very often and it never occurred to me either.

SkyElite is a separate software running outside the sim and not interfering with any of the sim functions, just interacts with the simulator using the official SimConnect interface. That interface is supposed to interact only with the aircraft controls.

In my opinion this could happen only if there is some kind of incompatibility between SkyElite and other plugin or add-on. Some users experienced weird behaviors when running SkyElite along Working Title mods. Probably is not even related and was just happened while using SkyElite by a chance.

I may suggest to try to disable/uninstall all other plugins and maybe use SlyElite with a different aircraft, and see what happens.

Keep us posted.

Thanks for the fast response. Since my system is pretty heavily "taxed" when running MSFS (GPU is 100% utilized and CPU is 60-80% utilized), I don't have any add-ons except other aircraft. As a test, I removed all add-ons and cleaned up MFSF by deleting all aircraft that I don't use. Once that was done, MSFS would work without shutting down even when using SkyElite so it does indeed appear that it was some sort of incompatibility. I love the detailed maps available in SkyElite. Unfortunately, having SkyElite running in the background is now causing MSFS to run at slower framerates which detracts from the experience so I removed SkyElite from my system and I don't plan to use it even though I just bought it. I'm sure it's a great add-on for faster PCs, but not for my machine. Thanks again.
Originally Posted by: PittPilot 

Unfortunately, having SkyElite running in the background is now causing MSFS to run at slower framerates

Hello, SkyElite itself is not affecting frame rates at all. What affects performance is when you executed a browser to run SkyElite PFD in the same computer where the sim is... but not because SkyElite but due the browser running graphics in the same computer.

The same happens when you pop-out the Garmin instruments outside the sim.

If you run SkyElite and access it using an external tablet or iPad, performance wont be affected at all... maybe half a frame.

One of the reasons users buy SkyElite is because running it from an external device doesn't affect performance.

Hope this helps!