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What a journey to just get here. I have installed a licensed copy of Sky Elite on my sim PC. I have an ipad and an Android tablet to use as external monitors to run this away from my main screen. How do I get these devices to work with the app? I have tried an extension app (wired xdisplay) which works but I can't 'grab' the pfd window to move over there. I have tried the instructions regarding remote connection by typing http://myIPaddress:7667 which does nothing. ANY help is appreciated. To be perfectly honest, I've spent way too much of my morning trying to sort this out. Not very user friendly. Even to join this forum I had to buy the product first. App looks great though but is a bit of waste if it won't work on remote tablets.

Thank you
Captain Scooby
An update...I got it working on both devices now just trying to figure out how to make them full screen.

Glad you get it to work.

You have some help on running it in full screen in the manuals and also in this post:

Half of the complexity is due the web browser itself, but there is nothing we can do there.

BTW: Users don't have to purchase the product to post in this forum. Demo users are allowed to post here and get help. It's just this forum is focused and limited to the product support.

Hi. I'm new to SkyElite, which I purchased this week, and I'm having some problems. The program is installed and is working in both a browser mode and remotely on an Ipad. However, over 1/2 of the time that I use it MSFS shuts down during the flight. Sometimes it happens while taxiing to take off and other times it occurs 1.5 hours into a 2.0 hour flight. It's very frustrating because I lose all of the time that I invested and have to start the flight over. MSFS was very stable before installing SkyElite and it's still very stable if I do not use SkyElite. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks.
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Is anyone else having this problem?Thanks

I reply this in your other post... please post only once!