I updated to Win 11 from Win 10 a few days ago and the PFD and MFD browsers windows no longer display on my 2nd and 3rd touch screen monitors. If I Alt+tab to see the windows open I can see the empty pdf and mdf browser windows but they aren't visible or selectable

Any thoughts?


There are hundred different things that can be happening. You should use support email to send me log files and screenshots to help me to evaluate the potential issues..

First of all, I’m not a fan of using recently released OS versions. There are a lot of modules that could be affected in new windows 11. As an example, but not limited to, the .net core 3.1 compatibility.

Check that all required modules, including Windows Media Player, are installed and running correctly.

Delete your log.txt file in the SkyElite Data folder, then start SkyElite after te log is deleted and open it with Chrome, not with SkyElite Browsers. Then send me the new created log and screenshot of the Chrome screen to the support email.

We will find out what could be happening guessing that there are no incompatible modules in Windows 11..


thanks for coming back so promptly.

I've sent you a pm with the results of testing this morning.

It appears as if the lite SkyElite browser isn't loading the panels correctly but the standard chrome browser with the PDF or MDF works fine.

For info, although I don't use the mp3 player the windows media player is installed in Win 11