Sébastien REMY
Hi team

Il using SkyElite through chrome web browser on my android tablette on local network. PC and android are on the same network and I manage to run SlyElite but I’m facing very low data refresh rate especially regarding map update and also PFD.

What can I do to get better user experience ?

To read from you

If the tablet browser refresh is slow and the tablet is not too old, the issue could be in the network.
Try to use a 5G WiFi if supported by your network and tablet.
Sébastien REMY
Hello team

My android tablets are new from 2021 please find bellows the Amazon ref in any case :


I’ve tried all internet browser and non of them offer smooth refresh rate.

I’ve trie my iPad and it works fine but i can’t go buying iPad power just to an internet local page ?

Is there any plan of optimisation ? Or an android app ?

Please help


If you tried in an iPad an it works well you have the answer yourself. Your tablet could be 2021 but clearly not powerful enough to run Skyelite.

SkyElite is already optimized, take in mind that is an EFIS and it requires very good hardware.

We warned about this in the manuals, and documentation, plus we offer a demo version for evaluation,so user can try it before buying it.

We are doing our best to help users and customers, but technology is technology and there is no magic things we can do even if we want to.

Please, try turning se 1000 mode off. Just in case makes any better.

Another idea that may help.

Try to install the space desk app on your Android tablet and also some service has to be installed in your pc too. This app allows you to use your tablet as an additional screen of your main computer. Then execute the browser in your pc and move the window to the tablet screen extension.

This may execute skyelite faster but this will also decrease sim frame rate a bit.

Not sure if this will be a good solution but probably worth it to try.

Sébastien REMY
I’ve tried switch off but without any difference.
To note this issue is only with pfd. Map is running quite well.

Do you have any plan to go for an app ?
Sébastien REMY
Could you provide me an android tablette that suits your minimum ?

Sorry but we are not doing native apps. All of our products are web-based.

I still recommend to try the SpaceDesk app if your simulator frame rates are good, that will save money in the tablet side. Instead, when MSFS is not running good frame rates, then its not recommended.

To advise about minimum configurations in Android tablets is a high risk. Apple iPads are not cheap but performance and quality are guaranteed.

In the Android market, and mostly when we try to save money, its a dangerous path. In the market of the cheap tablets there are a lo of details, and a small thing can change the whole game.This is because we have SkyElite demo and strongly recommend try before buy, because to recommend minimum configurations is a trap.

I saw your tablet link and the profesor is 1.6, so if you go to a 2.3 or so it maybe better. But it also depends a lot on the graphic card, and then its almos impossible to know them all. On tablets under EUR 300, sorry but its a lottery. So the only good advice I can give is always to try it first.

Sorry if I cannot help more, but my rule is always to be honest.

Sébastien REMY
I did so and works great but need also to save some mfs perf !
Sébastien REMY
Finally I go for two brand new iPad mini 6. Great all seems to works perfectly except the keyboard when used to search music is impossible to use it cause it does not appears on landscape mode.
Originally Posted by: Sébastien REMY 

except the keyboard when used to search music is impossible to use it cause it does not appears on landscape mode.

I will check that just in case I can do something.

Glad its working well now.
Sébastien REMY
Thx !

I don’t read all post but I can’t find if you plan to add a way to edit or to add a flight plan during flight ?

SkyElite does not have a built in flight planner right now, but it can load external flight plan files anytime. But it does not allow to alter them dynamically or edit directly in SkyElite.

Other matter is how each plane reacts when a flight plan is loaded in the air, not all planes react good to this, but this is our of our scope.

The manual explains how to do this. It is limited by the sim interface capabilities and, so far, the SimConnect interface is not very stable, so don't expect this to work perfectly, not because SkyElite, but the MSFS SDK is still beta. Anyway, it works acceptable most of the times.

We may improve this in the future as they improve the SDK and the SimConnet interface, although we are not planning to implement a high level flight planning feature in SkyElite.