Hi together, I'm new here, from Lucerne in Switzerland and building my minimal Home Cockpit using SkyElite on 2 Ipads and Mobiflight Connector to (harware-) control key buttons and switches.
Everything works fine (e.g Nav and COM frequencies etc) except the "Range Rotary Encoder" on the Map screen. While turning the Rotary Encoder left or right impacts the "range" of the MAP in the FS2020 Garmin screen, but there is no impact on the SkyElite MAP on my Ipad.

I assume SkyElite map is not linked at all to the MS2020 map. Is that correct ? Is there any way to control RANGE and PAN by hardware ?

Thank you for any assistance


Yes, SkyElite is not connected to the FS2020 maps, is an independent EFIS only connected to flight controls and autopilot.

In the latest version 1.3 we added the possibility of using a knob for autopilot bugs and map range(zoom). Pan is not yet implemented in knob since is supposed to be used in a touch screen.

We have plans of adding Knobster model to it, in fact it is already working on our testing environment but not released, still some tests to do.

If you already have Mobiflight Knob and it can be assigned to keyboard keys, you can assign the same functions keys explained in the SkyElite Knob Manual.pdf (at SkyElite folder)

The knob explained in SkyElite Knob Manual.pdf is based in the iWit USB Controller, basically a PC Volume control knob re-configured for SkyElite, is not immersive, but cheap.

I suggest to try to configure your current knob (if possible) according to the manual, and if its not possible to assign your knob functions to keys, then either buy that cheap one proposed in the manual or wait till we include the Knobster model, but still under test and development.

Thank you!
Thank you very much for your very fast reply.
I'm not quite sure whether we talk about the same problem, (sorry, I'm not familiar with knobster ) therefore here some more details.
I'm using Mobiflight Connector to control rotary knobs and buttons including the Garmin1000 glass cockpit in FS2020.
This all works fine, including map-range and map-shifting .
In Mobiflight I configured the range button as MSFS2020-Event "AS1000_MFD_RANGE_DEC" and INC
As mentioned above, this impacts the range of the map on the FS2020 screen, but not in the Skyelite screen.

As the info of all my buttons and knobs are transferred to the sim via Arduino - USB, ‚ÄčI do not have a single USB connection for the rotary encoder.
Therefore I can not apply the configuration method as described in tthe mentioned PDF

Or did I misunderstand your comment and advice ?

Anyhow, if there is a possibility to impact range on the Skyelite Panel via a Key stroke or other command it would be helpful.
If not, I'm using the touch function

Thank you anyway for your support

SkyElite uses keystrokes along with the knob. But are not normal keys codes present in the keyboard.

To avoid collision SkyElite uses function keys F16 to F21 normally not present in regular keyboards.

The USB knob explained in the manual sends the same keystrokes codes to SkyElite, so basically any device sending the same keystrokes codes will work, no problem if its USB or not.

I understand that Mobiflight Connector sends MSFS-Events to the simulator, so this is why it only works with the sim, and not with SkyElite.

But as I know, maybe I'm wrong, the Mobiflight Connector can also be configured to send keystrokes instead MSFS-Events. If you do so you Mobiflight will impact on SkyElite, of course it will stop working for the aircraft garmin 1000 but you can
have two different Mobiflight configurations and choose one or the other.


Not sure if you will be able to set it up that way. If so, the configuration is:

1 Clockwise: F17 (outer knob)
2 Counterclockwise: F18 (outer knob)
3 Press: F16 (outer knob press)
4 Press+Clockwise: F19 (inner knob)
5 Press+Counterclockwise: F20 (inner knob)
6 Long Press: F21 (or F13) (outer knob long press - optional)

I hope this helps.
Phantastic, it fully works.
Thank you for this exellent support.

Just in case someone else comes accross the same issue.
The keystrockes ("F17" e.g) can not be input directly in Mobiflight.
I first added "F1" in the Input screen, then had to modify the value in the config file xxxxxx.mmc with the notpad to "F17"

If there are "keystrokes" for shifting the map left-right / up-down, please let me know. I have a little joystick installed for that function.

Anyhow thank you again

Originally Posted by: Tornado 

If there are "keystrokes" for shifting the map left-right / up-down, please let me know.I have a little joystick installed for that function

Glad to know it works!

And thank you very much for the information.

I added your request for map panning to the list, lets see if I can get that for the next update.

The difficulty here is to find available keystrokes that does not interfere with other applications, but I will give it a try.
Sorry, the joy of success was only very short , just realized a very stange issue related to the above mentioned topic.

It only affects the mentione keystroke function e.g. F17 and F18 defining the range of the map with the help of a rotary encoder.
All other Skyelite functions are not affected.

As mentione above it works in general: rotating the knob changes the range of the Skyelite map as well as the map in the FS2020 screen.

But this only works when an other Windows APP is running in the foreground of MS2020. If not, then there is no impact on the Skyelite Map. (only on the FS2020 screen)
For example:
When the text editor is running in foreground, it works perfectly.
As soon as I minimize or close the text editor, turning the knob only affects the FS sceen but not the Skyelite screen.
Any Windows APP has the same impact.

Any idea what could cause this problem ?
Thank you and regards

Seems an issue related to how Mobiflight Connector sends the keystrokes to the system.

Probably Mobiflight Connector sends the keystroke to the active window, so if SkyElite is not the on-top active window this will not work.

But you said it worked when a text editor was on foreground, which confuses to me, unless Mobiflight Connector only simulates keystroke when its an editable window on the top, which also makes poor sense to me.

Try to check if Mobiflight Connector has different ways to send keystrokes, or if it can "force" the keystrokes always to a specific window instead the active one.

Hopeful there is a trick for this, but it depends on the Mobiflight Connector capabilities.

I found additional information in this post, and other similar to this: 

Seems like Mobiflight Connector sends only keystrokes to the active window (top foreground), but if the active window is FS2020, it somehow rejects/avoids the keystrokes so SkyElite will never catch them.

They also recommend to run both MSFS and Mobiflight Connector in administrator mode.

See also this post: 

Some kind of app doing a trick like that can help, but I think this is going to be a difficult task.
Thank you, running everything (FS2020, SkyElite and Mobiflight) in Admin Mode solved the problem.
Changing Map Range in the SkyElite Map even runs smoother now then before.

Just found an error not related to Mobiflight.
In case of COM1/COM2 and NAV1/NAV2 switch, the "highlight" of the indicator are not synchronized between FS2020 and SkyElite. This does not work in both directions.
Switching (COM1 to COM2 for example) in SkyElite switches the COM channels and the white background of the indicator in SkyElite, but only the COM channel and not the red border in FS.
Vice versa the same; if you change COM1/Com2 in FS it switches the channel in SkyElite , but not the white background.

Again thank you for your great support
Originally Posted by: Tornado 

In case of COM1/COM2 and NAV1/NAV2 switch, the "highlight" of the indicator are not synchronized between FS2020 and SkyElite.

This depends on so many things, and the behavior could change depending on how each aircraft has programmed her avionics.

Additionally, if the Working Title mod is installed for the Garmin's, then even worst. Working Title programmers bypassed internally all the SimConnect interface standards and some events are not bidirectional while using their mod.

This Flight Simulator/Computer world is so complicated in terms of technology. Putting all the pieces together is complex and not a task for less-advanced users at all. Some people complain... this does not work... SkyElite has a bug... and not everyone understands the complexity of the full integration of all the simulator pieces. SkyElite is just a small piece on this puzzle.

Thanks and glad its working better.