There is no ETA yet, still a work in progress, but we are working to have a new 1.3 update as soon as possible with some new features.

Main changes, but not limited to are:

  • SE1000 mode: this mode improves altimeter and speed tapes style, inspired in the G1000 standards.

  • Green or Brown EFIS background modes.

  • Editable reference speeds.

 se1000_20210422_green.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.

 se1000_20210422.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.

I will keep you all posted about the progress.

Thank you.
Sounds great! I can't wait to see it!
SkyElite v1.3 is still progressing and in beta test stage by few users, here is how the new map icons and markers look now.

 chrome_V06MC02iKP.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.

 chrome_XoKtaWDQLp.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.

 chrome_DAW03bvKzT.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.

Looks astonishing! Well done!
I am very pleased with SkyElite and looking forward to the new features in the next update, particularly support for AIMOS USB knobs as mentioned in this preview:
It will be very helpful when using my tablet because rotary controllers are difficult to use on a touch screen.

Will there also be MPT support for GPS fixes/waypoints?
Thank you for your comment.

The MPT function is a proprietary SkyElite alternative function to the GPS.

What is really what you want to see in MPT related to the GPS.

Flight plan way points are supposed to be used by the GPS not by the MPT unless you found a way to combine them.

Can you please explain this more?
Thank you.
Hi, I am still finding my way around SkyElite so please forgive any misunderstanding of functions on my part.

I have just started exploring the MPT feature and it is very useful as quite often I just jump into the sim with a C152 and no flight plan to go sightseeing.
For example, it took me a while to figure out how to display ILS info on the map, but it is cool that I can now MPT to a specific approach and shoot the ILS from SkyElite.

I am happy with normal GPS/NAV autopilot operations as they are pretty much the same as in the MSFS Garmin.

I do understand that in MAP view the WAYPT function is only available if a flight plan is pre-loaded in the sim and that the SkyElite waypoint map symbols have no MPT function.

Regarding my question about GPS fix/waypoint MPT functionality, I was only referring to what is called FIX in SkyElite, but which I think of as GPS RNAV waypoints in the sim.

For clarity these are the map symbols I am talking about as being all the same thing:

MSFS World map Fix and RNAV Position Report (triangle and star symbols)
MSFS VFR map (blue triangle symbols)
SkyElite Fix (Red bullseye symbols)

Currently the SkyElite FIX symbols have no MPT functionality (as explained in the SkyElite Manual).

So my question is, will MPT functionality eventually be available for FIX symbols so that MPT navigation becomes possible via fixes in addition to airfields and NDB/VOR beacons? (Think RNAV).


Originally Posted by: Downed_Aviator 

So my question is, will MPT functionality eventually be available for FIX symbols so that MPT navigation becomes possible via fixes in addition to airfields and NDB/VOR beacons? (Think RNAV).

Yes, I will think of having the MPT function for FIX symbols on the map, so you will be able to use MPT to a map fix.

Just take in mind that this will make sense only when a flight plan is not loaded. If you load a flight plan with fixes on it, as waypoints, then MPT function makes no sense to be used, since the GPS is showing the same information for the active leg.

Will let you know when this will be added. SkyElite v1.3 is going to be published soon as pre-release for registered forum users and not sure if I will have time to add this for this update.

Thanks for the reply. I would not want to hold up the release of v1.3 for this. Just a wishlist item.
I do understand that there is a clear distinction between flight-plan based operation and the completely seperate use of MPT for add-hoc navigation.

I believe you already said that this cannot be done with the current limitations of Flight Sim, but thinking about it a bit further... If MPT fixes etc. could be saved and added to in SkyElite, we would not be far from having in-cockpit flight planning capability. Perhaps with an added CDI mode called MPT able to use MPT in NAV mode instead of using manual HDG mode to dial-in the required heading. Just thinking out loud 😉
A CDI option for the MTP is a good idea, I will think on this.

In-cockpit flight planing for SkyElite is something I have in mind too but not sure how and when.

Developing software and features is time consuming and it has some difficulties, but what is really difficult for a product, is to find the balance between having a very good stable product, price affordable, and keep growing it to the next level without over-sizing it with unnecessary or unmaintainable features. So baby steps.

SkyElite Update v1.3 released for registered users only:

Been using 1.3 preview for a few days. Like the update. Really like the speed and alt tapes. Any plans for adding synthetic vision, if that is even possible?

Thank you very much for your feedback.

The synthetic vision feature uses lot of built-in simulator infrastructure. Since SkyElite is an external EFIS, is not possible to interface with those in-sim functions to provide the synthetic vision out in SkyElite,

I was evaluating some 3th party products on the internet that provide some kind of synthetic vision capabilities for developers, but the prices of the service blowed up the idea.

So far, we can consider synthetic vision not possible in SkyElite, but I will keep my eyes open just in case something comes up and changes my mind.


I have been meaning to give feedback for some time, but have been held up dealing with other issues with MSFS since SU5, none of which relate to SkyElite thankfully.
I hope you find my feedback useful, it is meant to be informative, not critical.

I have been running v1.3 since release on two Android tablets connected via SpaceDesk over Wifi Direct. SpaceDesk is the only solution that I have found capable of extending my display to more than one Android tablet, and Wifi Direct seems to offer the best performance without noticeable lags. I am also using an Aimos rotary controller.

As far as SkyElite is concerned I am pleased with the updates, especially the new map symbols. The airport symbols are a distinct improvement and make the map display less cluttered and easier to see.
The SE1000 option is a welcome feature. I run it in "Normal" mode to help with performance.

I do get a slight performance drop of up to 5 FPS (it varies), but I think that is more a function of my hardware limitations. I can get around 20-25 FPS most of the time: Alienware m15 laptop, i7-8750H CPU, GTX 1060 GPU, 32Mb DDR4, 1TB M.2 NVME, 1 TB HDD, Samsung Odyssey G9 C49G95T 49inch Monitor.

I have one problem and a couple of requests/suggestions.

1) Each time I start the SkyElite clients I have to go to the menu options and re-select normal mode for SE1000. Would it be possible to make SkyElite remember my settings?

2) I have a software conflict with the Aimos knob that will only affect people with Alienware computers running Dell's Alienware Control Center (AWCC). This software runs as a service and among other things controls CPU/GPU performance & cooling, and keyboard lighting effects.
When I turn the Aimos knob it cycles the keyboard lighting, which is interesting but not too much of a problem, but it also alternately turns on and off performance mode as I rotate the knob. My workaround is to go into Services and disable AWCC, which may not be a great idea.
I appreciate that this may only affect a small number of users and I don't know how it can be avoided other than having the rotation mapped to some other key functions. I had no idea that there was anything above F12 before programming that device!

3) Some other observations regarding the Aimos controller:

It would be nice if the Amios controller functions could be activated by selecting the bezel rotary controls on the SkyElite display. Activating by selecting the numeric fields with mouse or touch works fine but the knobs are a bit easier to grab on smaller screens.
Cycling through HDG, ALT CRS etc. by first pressing the Aimos knob and then rotating it only works after first manually pre-selecting a numeric field on the display with mouse or touch..

SkyElite really improves my sim experience and adds functionality that is not in the sim. I use all of the features extensively.

Many thanks for this software.


Thank you very much for your comments and feedback.

Related to your questions first:

1) SkyElite should remember the SE1000 mode setting, I will double-ckeck on my side but it worked to me. The only time that this fails is when a profile is not selected, select a profile by entering directly to http://localhost:7667

2) I need to research which are the key codes used in that service and try to give you alternative codes for this. We will work on this soon.

3) Observations noted. I will try to add this for the next update.

Related to performance: Running SkyElite on additional screen of the same computer or using SpaceDesk impacts in performance, minimally most of the times but the system has to take care of additional graphics.
The only way when SkyElite has no impact at all on performance is when SkyElite service is running in same computer but no browser or additional screen is used on the main computer, nothing else but the simulator. Then, if SkyElite is used from an external Android tablet or iPad run in its browser, there is zero performance impact on the sim.

Of course to do this the iPad or Android tablet should not be old devices.

Thanks again.
Originally Posted by: Downed_Aviator 

2) I have a software conflict with the Aimos knob that will only affect people with Alienware computers running Dell's Alienware Control Center (AWCC).

Hi again, I could not find any document describing the keystrokes associated with the AWCC. But there seems to be settings in AWCC to change and configure the keystrokes.

Please, try first to see if there is any part of the AWCC settings related to this and if there are conflicts with AIMOS keystrokes. If it can be changed there will be easier to fix.



I am doing some investigating and will come back with some answers as soon as possible.